Graphics & Page Layout
Erwin is a technical graphic designer and illustrator with extensive experience in the design, development and creation of graphic material. Experiences that include:
  • Graphics production lead for a Fortune 100 Company
  • Technical illustration
  • Microstation CAD software
  • Graphic design and production of technical training materials
  • Print materials
  • Creating original computer-based designs and illustrations
  • Development of web-managed-training
  • Photo editing and image manipulation
  • Expert knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
Automotive Rendering
Erwin’s professional work includes automotive concept illustration. Some of the renderings shown were used as a preliminary step before vehicle prototype production. Work ranged between concept vehicles for the SEMA Show and utility bodies for GM, Chrysler and Ford trucks.

Erwin’s interests include the following skills:
  • Product design
  • Clay modeling
  • Milling and turning plastics
  • Light CNC machining
  • Mold making
  • Rubber and plastic casting
  • Vacuum forming
Micro Blimp Project
This personal project involved the development of a custom made vacuum-forming device and a hot wire foam-cutting machine. The prototype flew successfully in the atrium of a three-story building.

Toy Car Project
This personal project required developing the ability to cast rubber and plastics for the tires, rims and frame. Only plastics were used, including the carbon fiber suspension rod. A simple steering mechanism activated by leaning the body left or right is the original idea behind this exercise.

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